Case Studies
Wave Muscat

The finest contemporary architecture with a subtle infusion of distinct Middle Eastern influences and design theme, The Wave, Muscat is a dream place to live at. The project master plan incorporates a diverse selection of housing styles, offering homeowners a gorgeous bouquet of addresses to choose from. With over 4,000 new apartments, townhouses and villas spread out over 2.5 million square meters, The Wave, Muscat is allowing for a way of life that flows around elegant street scenes, attractive homes set around courtyards and residential areas linked with green spaces and inland waterways.

The Wave was in need of a solution which can provide them a central point to keep the status of their ongoing projects, also to provide a space for their employees to collaborate and communicate further, managing documents and workspaces, as well as news, announcements and discussion panes within a portal. The Waves team wanted a central point where they can put their important news, most critical discussion details. They were actually facing log central issues. So the immediate need for The Wave was to get hold of a solution which can provide them the flexibility to upload their departmental documents.

To The Wave - KalSoft proposed to implement Microsoft SharePoint Server portal, which allowed The Wave a flavor of all main areas for which they were seeking an optimal solution. KalSoft provided The Wave with a robust solution to prove their online existence and allowed them to access documents from a rich repository. Main idea was to get The Wave all the possible benefits from the diverse range of features for improved efficiency and productivity in their business workplace. For that matter an Intranet portal was being made. The Intranet portal was integrated with Active Directory for The Wave users and rights management and all non-public users were directed to get authenticated through Active Directory. Main objective of the implementation was to provide customer with an Enterprise Intranet Collaboration Portal by providing one unified suite of enterprise-scale applications that satisfies their diverse business-critical needs. The vision also required out of the box workflows, document management to serve customer business need of a paperless environment for which KalSoft delivered remarkable services.

  • Single destination for information for The Wave from any part of the world having internet access
  • Ability to collaborate on and publish documents, maintain task lists and share information easily/effectively from the portal of The Wave
  • Manageability of News, Events and listed companies from the web portal to enable The Wave to get the latest information
  • Administration is much easier with respect to content management

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