Case Studies
Salam Air
Client Name: Salam Air
Project: Portal Implementation
Industry: Aviation
Technology: Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Azure Web Application, Microsoft ASP .Net, Active Directory

SalamAir is owned by the Muscat National Development and Investment Company (ASAAS) which won a government tender in January 2016. Founded in 2014, ASAAS is a partnership between the State General Reserve Fund, Muscat Municipality, and various pension funds.
Taking flight for the first time on 30 January 2017, Oman’s first low-cost all economy class carrier SalamAir has established a strong presence in its home market, operating to nine destinations throughout the Middle East on either a year-round or seasonal basis. Their aim is to make flight prices more affordable whilst giving people the choice of flexibility and a great travel experience when travelling to or from Oman.

SalamAir is a medium sized organization with over 300 employees. They were using D365 for their management layer only as it wasn’t cost effective if used for the whole organization, being a start-up business. The disconnection between the management layer and the staff resulted in different issues in collaboration, sharing, and access to information, inability to automate business processes and many more. The challenges they were faced include:

  • How to initiate and endorse the culture of digital workplace?
  • How to increase and promote collaboration between employees?
  • How to automate business processes?
  • How to ensure security over documents and intranet sites?
  • How to ensure efficient management of digital assets due to their sheer size and number?
  • How to assure access to data from anywhere and at any time?
  • How to facilitate staff with easily available information?
  • How to find a solution that is both user friendly to use and easy to configure and deploy?
Working around these problems was proving to be costly, time intensive, and inefficient for the customer. This is where KalSoft’s bespoke solution Kollaborate365 comes in.

Kolaborate365 is a bespoke state-of-the-art document management solution built on Microsoft Technologies – SharePoint Online & Office 365 with backup and uses best practices to enable digital transformation for any business in a very short amount of time. It seamlessly integrates with security-enhanced, cloud-based versions of the Office365 applications which customers know and trust like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype for Business etc. so that business users can continue working on their preferred applications on their preferred devices with ease. It helps business users to communicate, track, manage, store, use applications and documents through one platform. This solution is easily adaptable to any customizations and enhancements to match the organization’s branding guidelines. Our product lies in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace and Business Application solution areas.

For Kollaborate365 to work for SalamAir, it had to be integrated with their Dynamics 365 ERP, so its’ forms could be accessible in Kollaborate365. This was achieved by KalSoft and it was a turnkey solution for SalamAir as no time was missed in transition.

The implementation of Kollaborate365 helped SalamAir in overcoming their challenge of data mismanagement and costly fixes. The benefits they received from Kollaborate365 include the following:

    Kollaborate365 is an online document management system which has speedup the sharing and collaboration process at SalamAir significantly and now there is an efficient management of digital assets at customer end
    Company intranets lay the foundation of how internal communication, innovation, collaboration, information sharing, and growth takes place. They interlink all departments by bringing all users to one platform. Kollaborate365 has empowered teamwork at SalamAir with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division. It has simplified sharing files, data, news, and resources within the organization
    Implementation of Kollaborate365 reduced significant costs for SalamAir as they were able to bring all the staff on-board for digital transformation and reap benefits of it but at a small cost compared to trying to bring all staff on board on Dynamics 365 which was not possible for them due to prohibitive costs
    Time gets saved by manipulating and sharing data online, inevitably increasing productivity and efficiency as employees can better utilize their time doing more valuable work
    The ability to store information digitally at a central location has eased data accessibility at SalamAir. Using the solution’s built-in search feature has made it easier to find and share data. The entire process has been streamlined
    Enterprise level search now enables SalamAir staff to find relevant information in very easy and quick way with the help of Microsoft’s latest searching technology for search namely FAST.
    Corporate wide News, Events, Calendars and other information is now easily manageable from the Intranet portal and it enables SalamAir staff to get the latest information from one place
    Since Kollaborate365 is a cloud-based DMS it offers users the ability to access files and documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of device used, which is particularly handy when collaborating on projects with team members who are not all on one place or where few are working remotely
    Kollaborate365 enables user and group-based security to restrict and record the accessibility of documents and sites throughout the intranet portal. Kollaborate365 is based on Microsoft technology so it follows Microsoft security protocols which are very reliable
    Kollaborate365 intranet portal can be deployed in a matter of days on Office 365 tenant so SalamAir had no need for concern over losing valuable time during transition. Our goal was to provide a solution that could be up and running quickly and people could use and benefit from it right away
    There is easy customization option for UI in Kollaborate365. SalamAir were able to choose one of the UI themes for a look and feel that matched their corporate identity and upload their company logo. Once done, a walkthrough guided them and their users over the key features. It was that easy!
    Ability to integrate with your current tools with the potential for scalability of adding new tools in future. In addition, web parts have been created for SalamAir to create custom modules which made interaction easier with the site
    E-Services / E-Form help SalamAir to automate the business processes within the organization in an effective and efficient way
    Our solution allows administrators to set specific permissions for every employee, helping them to keep control and protect confidential business information and important documents from being altered.
    The more formats a document management system can support, the better it is. Kollaborate365 supports all major file formats. This also makes file sharing convenient between clients using different formats

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