Client Name: Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group)
Project: SharePoint Portal Development
Industry: Travel & Tourism
Technology: SharePoint Online 2019, Microsoft 365, Azure Web Application, ASP .Net, Azure Active Directory

Awarded as the Worlds’ Leading Tourism Development Company in World Travel Awards 2019, Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group) is the Sultanate’s executive arm responsible for tourism development. The company was established by the Omani Government in 2005 to unlock the potential of the country as a global tourism destination by pioneering the country’s key anchor tourism projects and encouraging private investment in the sector.

OMRAN is responsible for delivering the objectives contained in the 2040 National Tourism Strategy. OMRAN Group works closely with the Ministry of Tourism and other Government entities to identify priorities, projects and opportunities that will maximise the potential of the Sultanate’s tourism sector.

Since its inception in 2004, OMRAN has helped to put Oman on the map as a tourist destination. However, with the start of 2020, worldwide tourism and hospitality sector was impacted substantially when the COVID-19 pandemic went global.

The ramifications of this pandemic, such as travel bans, border closures, and quarantine instructions, have resulted in many businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry either limiting or closing their operations.

Oman has been among the countries facing challenges in restoring the economy and the tourism sector where coronavirus pandemic has caused direct losses of half a billion Omani Rial to the tourism sector. OMRAN has been playing a key role in restoring tourism in the Sultanate by taking lead in different initiatives, from new tourism development projects to promoting local tourism, to improved marketing of Oman as the preferred and the best tourist destination in the world in both local and international media.

At the peak of pandemic, when so much targeted effort and collaboration was needed by OMRAN to take Oman’s tourism out of this global crisis, OMRAN faced an issue of bringing all its 2000+ employees, management, suppliers, stakeholders on one page, on one focus. OMRAN is a group of companies/subsidiaries and during pandemic most employees were working from home, so it was imperative for them to be able to connect with their employees and strategic teams remotely, it was also important to have in place a plan for business continuity.

Some of the issues they faced which needed resolution included:

  • Need to ensure business continuity in case of any adverse situation
  • Need for a collaborative and integrated workforce
  • Lack of a unified platform which could be the hub of information, knowledge, workflows, data for everyone in OMRAN
  • Need for digital transformation
  • Need of workforce engagement in a digital workplace
  • Issues with efficient management of digital assets due to their sheer size and number

KalSoft proposed their bespoke solution, Kollaborate365, which is a centralized and robust cloud-based knowledge hub and intranet portal, capable of boosting employee engagement and collaboration, improving internal communications, automating processes to increase operational efficiency, and providing secure access control over digital assets.

Kollaborate365 is a bespoke state-of-the-art cloud-based knowledge hub and digital workplace/intranet software solution built on Microsoft Technologies – SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365, Power Platform and uses best practices to enable digital transformation for businesses in a very short amount of time.

Kollaborate365 helps organizations improve internal communication, enhance knowledge share, and collaborate across geographical distances. It increases employee productivity & efficiency allowing users to automate their processes through workflows and templates. It seamlessly integrates with security-enhanced, cloud-based versions of the Microsoft365 applications which customers know and trust like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Yammer, etc. so that business users can continue working on their preferred applications on their preferred devices with ease. It can also be integrated with external services & social media platforms. It helps business users to communicate, track, manage, store, use applications and documents through one platform. This solution is easily adaptable to any customizations and enhancements to match the organization’s branding guidelines. Our product lies in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solution area.

Implementing Kollaborate365 and moving to the cloud resulting in the following benefits for OMRAN group:

  • COMMON DATA MODEL - Break down data silos, helping organisation to take a data-first approach with a common data model that unifies information while adhering to industry compliance standards.
  • BOOSTED PRODUCTIVITY - Maximise the impact of every person in an organisation with productivity workflows and business applications that provide the right information at the right time.
  • QUICK SOLUTION ADOPTION - Deliver more value in less time, enabling organisation to quickly adopt solutions built for their industry or augment existing ones.
  • EXTENSIBLE MODULAR SOLUTIONS - Use modular solutions with built-in industry standards that augment organisation’s current investments and are extensible as business needs evolve and grow.
  • DIGITAL WORKPLACE - Kollaborate365 is a centralized and robust cloud-based knowledge hub and intranet portal, capable of encouraging employee engagement and collaboration, improving internal communications, and providing secure access control over digital assets.
  • INTEGRATION WITH AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY - Kollaborate365 is integrated with Azure Active Directory to enrol all the active directory users to use Kollaborate365 quickly. Microsoft Active Directory adds another layer of security to the application to manage user’s permissions effectively.
  • PROCESS AUTOMATION - Business process automation is one of the key areas of investment for any organization to improve productivity. Using Kollaborate365 as a platform for automating all the customers’ workflows and quickly managing operations, enabled OMRAN to save valuable time in which their employees could focus on more business-critical tasks instead. By using Microsoft’s Power Automate platform, Kollaborate365 hosts key business processes of various departments like HR, Finance and administration to enable paperless environment and rapid availability of information as quick as when it was created in the system.
  • SIMPLE SHARING AND SEAMLESS COLLABORATION - Company intranets lay the foundation of how internal communication, innovation, collaboration, information sharing, and growth takes place. They interlink all users on one platform. Kollaborate365 has empowered teamwork at OMRAN by bringing team members from different subsidiaries together. It has simplified sharing files, data, news, and resources within the organization.
  • RESPONSIVE USER EXPERIENCE - Kollaborate365 is built on latest, most adopted and recognized responsive framework which makes Kollaborate365 totally device and browser independent. Kollaborate365 can be used on any desktop and laptop computer, iOS and Google Android phones and tables
  • ONLINE AND OFFLINE AVAILABILITY OF CONTENT - 24x7 availability of the important content is one of the key features in Kollaborate365 when you are out of network coverage or cannot be connected to internet. KalSoft used the power of OneDrive and SharePoint to enable offline availability of latest content of user’s own choice. Syncing up and down is totally taken care by OneDrive Client Application and user does not require any action to sync up or down the content to/from the cloud.
  • STAFF DIRECTORY - Remembering about every employee in the organization is a bit difficult for everyone especially in the large organizations where you have 100+ colleagues and they are working in a versatile environment on multiple projects and assignments. Based on the updated Employee Profiles, Staff Directory is a people search feature to quickly find out the people in the organization by their location, key skillset, past projects, education, courses, trainings, designations, and their departments and subsidiaries.
  • REDUCED COST - Implementation of Kollaborate365 reduces significant costs for customers as they can bring all the staff on-board for digital transformation and reap benefits of using Microsoft 365.
  • PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY - Time gets saved by manipulating and sharing data online, inevitably increasing productivity and efficiency as employees can better utilize their time doing more valuable work.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ACCESS - Since Kollaborate365 is a cloud-based Content Management System it offers users the ability to access files and documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of device used, which is particularly handy when collaborating on projects with team members who are not all on one place or where few are working remotely.
  • BETTER MANANGEMENT - The ability to store information digitally at a central location has eased data accessibility at OMRAN. Using the solution’s built-in search feature has made it easier to find and share data. The entire process has been streamlined.
  • FAST SEARCH TECHNOLOGY - Enterprise level search now enables OMRAN staff to find relevant information in very easy and quick way with the help of Microsoft’s latest searching technology for search namely FAST.
  • ROBUST DATA SECURITY - Kollaborate365 enables user and group-based security to restrict and record the accessibility of documents and sites throughout the intranet portal. Kollaborate365 is based on Microsoft technology, so it follows Microsoft security protocols which are very reliable.
  • QUICK DEPLOYMENT - Kollaborate365 intranet portal can be deployed in a matter of days on Office 365 tenant, so OMRAN had no need for concern over losing valuable time during transition. Our goal was to provide a solution that could be up and running quickly and people could use and benefit from it right away.
  • EASY CUSTOMIZATION OF USER INTERFACE - There is easy customization option for UI in Kollaborate365. OMRAN were able to choose one of the UI themes for a look and feel that matched their corporate identity and upload their company logo. Once done, a walkthrough guided them and their users over the key features. It was that easy!
  • INTEGRATION AND CUSTOMIZATION THROUGH WEB PARTS - Ability to integrate with your current tools with the potential for scalability of adding new tools in future. In addition, web parts have been created for OMRAN to create custom modules which made interaction easier with the site.
  • ROLE BASED ACCESS CONTROL - Our solution allows administrators to set specific permissions for every employee, helping them to keep control and protect confidential business information and important documents from being altered.

" We are on a digital transformation journey, with Microsoft cloud services and KalSoft as our technology partner, we now have a single accessible and scalable platform that offers us interoperable collaboration, boosted productivity, strengthened data security and business productivity tools that serve us well today as well as in future."
Kamal AlHarrasi, Applications and Solutions Manager - OMRAN

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