Case Studies
Oman Gas Company (OGC)
Client Name: Oman Gas Company (OGC)
Project: Full Microsoft Infrastructure upgradation / migration with DR site.
Industry: Oil & Gas Sector
Technology: MS Exchange, Active Directory, SCCM+SCOM, Virtualization on Hyper-V, File Server 2012
Oman Gas Company THE CUSTOMER

Oman Gas Company (OGC) is the Sultanate’s gas transportation company delivering natural gas to the vibrant economic sectors and major consumers comprising of Power and Desalination plants, Aluminium Smelters, downstream metal, Fertilizer & Methanol plants, Refineries, Steel and Cement factories and Oil companies. Since its inception in 2000, OGC has grown in stature and reputation into an integrated enterprise harnessing the power of Oman’s natural gas transportation. The Company employs more than 490 people, of whom 90 % are Omanis.

OGC was established in 2000 by the Royal Decree No. 78/2000, which has granted concession rights to own, construct, maintain and operate natural gas facilities in the Sultanate of Oman. In 2013, OGC has become a member of Oman Oil Group with 100% ownership by Oman Oil Company SAOC.

OGC was looking to simplify and significantly reduce costs on a large and cumbersome Infrastructure environment. They were using old version of Microsoft Products. Due to obsolescence of both hardware and software they are facing issues of support as Microsoft products come with a lifetime cycle and after which they end support for their products which results in complexities. So it was essential for them to upgrade and migrate all of the services/applications they were using along with hardware to resolve this issue.

KalSoft proposed a solution which was not only highly available and DR capable, but would also integrate with their existing infrastructure. The project helped OGC vastly improve communications and its collaboration platform. Through migration and upgradation of all Microsoft products they are using with latest versions, we enabled OGC to run their IT operations even more smoothly without any disruption. Achieving robust Disaster Recovery (DR) capability is the need of the hour that’s why we focused on delivering best DR solution to OGC. Upgradation was also required for existing Exchange solution to facilitate the co-existence and migration. KalSoft not only met OGC’s definition of success but produced the environment ahead of schedule, beating timelines and reducing costs.

Following are the key outcomes we have achieved after our project.

  • Latest MS exchange version for messaging systems and up to date support
  • Improved Exchange platform capable of managing disaster recovery scenarios more efficiently
  • Improved email and calendaring availability for all users
  • Reduced on-premise footprint decommissioning of legacy and redundant infrastructure
  • Private Cloud: Enhanced utilization and optimization of Data Center
  • Domain Controller: Latest platform for authentication and authorization
  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Improved Service Levels
  • Flexible Platform for Future Growth
  • Improved DR Solution
  • Platform to enable Future Enhancement
  • File Server: Document Management with high availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Effective management and monitoring of data centre through Systems Center

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