Case Studies
Ministry of Oil and Gas (MOG) – Oman
Client Name: Ministry of Oil and Gas (MOG) – Oman
Project: Joint Recruitment Portal (JRP) – PetroJobs.
Industry: Oil & Gas Sector
Technology: SharePoint 2013 as CMS, Android & iOS for mobile apps
Ministry of Oil and Gas THE CUSTOMER

The Ministry of Oil and Gas (MOG) is the governmental body in the Sultanate of Oman responsible for developing and implementing the government policy for exploiting the oil and gas resources in Oman. MOG was originally established as the Ministry of Oil and Minerals and was renamed in the year 1997 as the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Some of the major competences of MOG are as follows:

  • Drawing and implementing studies, plans, and policies for ensuring the optimum exploitation of oil and gas wealths
  • Managing and supervising the surveys necessary for the oil and gas resources and managing and supervising the economic studies necessary for any project relating to their exploitation
  • Supervising all the activities relating to the exploration, excavation, and production of oil and gas by concession holding companies
  • Studying international oil and gas markets to develop marketing policies for the production of oil and gas
  • Concluding agreements with specialized companies and supervising the implementation of these agreements

There was no single recruitment portal in Oman specifically for Oil & Gas sector and MOG did not have a clear picture of the needs of the oil and gas sector in terms of qualified cadre. They also lacked access to actionable insights about the sector for better human capital analysis. There was no centralized platform which could monitor and manage job openings in Oil and Gas sector, each operator would post their own vacancies on their own separate channels. To address this problem, KalSoft proposed a joint recruitment portal to MOG which would consolidate all Omani oil and gas operators and applicants on one platform to provide easier access to a wide array of jobs in the oil and gas sector.

KalSoft successfully delivered Ministry of Oil & Gas Oman’s Joint Recruitment Portal ‘PetroJobs’ which enabled them to consolidate oil and gas operators and applicants on one platform to provide easier access to a wide array of jobs in the oil and gas sector. Our solution helped MOG in achieving their business objectives and also provided a framework which was able to seamlessly accommodate future changes and enhancements. The portal gives MOG the means to create a database depicting the needs of the oil and gas sector in terms of qualified cadre and enables MOG to liaise with universities and training institutions inside and outside Oman to ensure the right candidate for the job.

KalSoft implemented JRP internet website using SharePoint 2013 as a web content management system and used the capabilities of the platform to meet user requirements. This solution integrated the recruitment for all oil & gas operators in Oman. Operators would post their vacancies on the portal, and candidates would apply for them once they were registered on the recruitment portal. They would also be able to set alerts for their set criteria for job ads. In addition, Android & iOS mobile apps were also created for PetroJobs.

KalSoft has the experience and skills to advise, implement and support such a solution. KalSoft’s expert consultants have hands-on experience of implementing large scale Internet Portal solutions in Oman and globally.

The joint recruitment portal for MOG is an effective, transparent and merit-based recruitment where all vacancies are accessible to everyone. Job seekers can apply online for any suitable vacancy.

The portal is one of the In-Country Value Program initiatives manned by the MOG. They have exerted assiduous efforts to make it a one-stop shop portal through which applicants register and then apply for the posted vacancies. This portal gave MOG the opportunity to identify the applicant’s expertise and skills and match them with the vacancies offered by the operating companies. Hence, the large data set was able to be analyzed and necessary actions would be taken in terms of short- and long-term solutions to enhance the Omanisation drive. The portal also served as a tool to optimize the Omanisation process and provide easier access to a wide array of jobs in the oil and gas sector.

Following are the key benefits which Oman’s Ministry of Oil & Gas achieved through this project:

  • Single destination / gateway for candidates to register, search and apply for vacancies offered by different operators
  • All Oil & Gas Operators post their job vacancies on the portal
  • Job seekers browse and apply for job vacancies on the portal
  • MOG monitors and audits the process by generating different reports from the portal
  • Administration much easier with respect to content management
  • Easy to maintain workflows through an intuitive web-based Workflow Designer
  • System with complete Security & Privacy
MOG appreciated all the people responsible for the success of PetroJobs including KalSoft Oman team and MOG staff. KalSoft was presented a certificate of appreciation for their expertise and dedication on making this launch a huge success.

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