Case Studies
Client Name: ELM - KSA
Project: ELM Care App – IT Support E-Ticketing System
Industry: Information Technology
Technology: Java, XML, Swift, Auto layout, Android and iOS native development

Elm is a pioneering company in big data and integrated digital solutions, uniquely in e-government transformation. In 1986, Elm was established as a Saudi research company investing in localizing technology, setting the scene for its introduction to e-security sector in 2002. Elm transformed into a joint-stock company owned by the Public Investment Fund in 2007, preparing the ground for its strategy to expand outside technology in 2009, to finally expand globally in 2016. The company grew to provide skilled human resources for enterprises in the public and private sectors, committed to the best international standards. Elm's employees exceed 2,000 who are an indispensable asset to their success and global reach. Their business model is based upon our fixed values of success: trust, customer satisfaction, creativity, flexibility, and reliability.

ELM was facing major issues in managing internal employees’ coordination which increased employee communication on calls. This in return caused pressure on customer support centre and the user’s dependency on the call centres was also raised. They needed a system that automate their daily approval processes and requests in the form of tickets that could easily be submitted on a single tap and could manage tickets, bills and accounts from a centralized platform. Internal employees at ELM were manually managing all the submissions and approval requests which created hassle as the influx of approval requests/tickets get bigger.

ELM App is a ticketing system that allows IT support to be organized, focused, efficient, and effective. It reduces the effort and pressure on customer support centre and the users’ dependency on the call centre officers, so they can manage by themselves their account, tickets, bills, etc. Elm enables its users to submit and track customers’ tickets with the standards of Elm of ticket classifications and actions. It also provides dynamic notifications with deep linking to get the notification make more sense to use. Language localization option is also available for end-users to select the language they prefer.

Centralized System:

As ELM app is centrally organized there is no need of hassling through spreadsheets or email inboxes trying to figure out the issues and their resolution processes.

Automatic management of tasks:

Using ELM app to manage the processes like ticket categorization and prioritization, ticket routing, alerts and notifications, and ticket status management supports the agents to spend more time resolving the actual support issues.

Better Customer Experience:

ELM app assists in improving requestors’ perceptions for the support experience by troubleshooting the basic steps of agent-assisted support in terms of consistency and transparency along with information, FAQs.

Enables Prioritization of Work:

ELM care app enables requests to get prioritized according to the urgency and difficulty of a query, instead of being handled in the order they are received.

Drives Staff Accountability and Training:

ELM app provides managers with a view into the work of the employees which can help broaden the staff development opportunities.

In-Built tracking and reporting:

The data created by the ELM care app helps to drive the resourcing decisions, process improvements and enables the tuning of support processes to increase customer/employee satisfaction.

  • Makes tracking workflows easier and creates easy communication and help prioritize requests
  • It keeps records and tracks time to ensure good response times and user can delegate requests based on expertise which increase overall office efficiency
  • Improvement in team performance and better access to real-time updates

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