Case Studies
Bank Muscat
Client Name: Bank Muscat
Project: Document Sharing & Approval System – eBriefcase
Industry: Banking & Finance
Technology: DotNet Based Customized Solution, .Net MVC, Database SQL Server, Hybrid Application
for Android & iOS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular

Bank Muscat is the leading financial institution in Oman with a strong presence in corporate banking, personal banking, Investment banking, Islamic banking, treasury, private banking and asset management. the bank has the largest network of branches and electronic channels in Oman, as well as branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and representative offices in Dubai (UAE), Iran and Singapore. The bank also owns Muscat Capital LLC, a brokerage and investment banking entity operating in Saudi Arabia. The bank has been closely associated with the progressive march of the nation in all realms, participating in development projects and initiatives aiming at boosting the national economy. They continue to deliver on their commitment to the nation through strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability programs covering various segments.

Putting all the paperwork of the business into a mobile-accessible document sharing & approval system for its Senior Level Executives / Board of Directors (BOD) was something Bank of Muscat wanted to do for a long time. Bank Muscat’s senior leadership teams & BODs required a secure platform to access meeting files, document management, approval process control, member directory, calendar management, Polls/voting, to collaborate with ease. The approval process required a lot of time and unnecessary efforts for a certain request for which Bank’s C-level executives usually had no time. Keeping that in mind Bank Muscat wanted to digitize those process with the help of an app to control overall process with swift approvals and timely document sharing.

Bank Muscat required an efficient and confidential protocol of document sharing within the enterprise. Most of the processes at Bank Muscat needed an effective documents approval system. Fast sharing of documents and quick decisions on it increases the overall pace of business. To achieve this, KalSoft recommend Bank Muscat to move to an automated document sharing & approval system from their manual document sharing process. To suffice this need KalSoft proposed BOD eBriefcase, a tailored solution for document sharing and approval, which adds value to the whole enterprise as documents are essential in every banking system. It is a web-based application with its mobile app solution enabling the organization’s senior management to review documents digitally. BOD eBriefcase consists of two parts. Web application and mobile app (Hybrid, for Android & IOS). BOD eBriefcase streamlines Bank Muscat’s entire approval process, enabling it to start projects earlier and meet deadlines more consistently. eBriefcase enables them to organize and execute on data effortlessly—all from one dashboard.


KalSoft implemented the Board Member Management Solution (eBriefcase) to Bank Muscat, a leading financial institute in Muscat, Oman. Following are the key features of eBriefcase:

  • Allows access to a tracking committee and meeting details such as, agenda, minutes, actionable insights and their progress
  • Easy access to relevant documents shared to help cater to future events for the organization
  • Upload Document for Approval, Meeting Agenda for Meeting Request and view all of them on single screen
  • Create workspaces for different departments or groups
  • Add users in those workspaces
  • Upload documents in workspaces and assign them to users
  • Assigned user can review – accept or reject the assigned document
  • View Agenda and Document history
  • View Document & Archive Document Report
  • New Document Assign to board members and allow them to send a conversation internally
  • Regular reminder and Final Reminder from system for pending review
  • Comments from a permanent invitee on a document
  • New meeting agenda assign to board members and upload minutes of meeting against the agenda
  • Regular and Final reminder for meeting agenda
  • Last minute updates reach every layer of the hierarchy on time


  • Can be organized up to an unlimited number of folders and level
  • Functionality to upload files and share it with senior management
  • Purge, export, and delete files


  • Share files across your senior management with peace of mind
  • Store and manage any file type in BOD, with built in viewing capabilities
  • Multiple users can view files at the same time


  • All system and file activities are tracked
  • Secure files with user restrictions at the file cabinet, folder, and file level
  • Manage document flow for multi-user approval requirements


  • Ease of use meets functionality
  • Successfully share files from one centralized location
  • Give document approvals or rejections on the go swiftly in a time efficient manner

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