Case Studies
Bank Dhofar
Client Name: Bank Dhofar
Project: Workflow Management & Process Optimization
Industry: Banking & Finance
Technology: Nintex Implementation

As Oman's second-largest bank (by market value), Bank Dhofar has earned the reputation of a financial institution with a strong commitment to consistency and growth. In addition to the conventional banking products and services the Bank offers several electronic banking services, such as, Internet banking, phone banking, SMS (short message service) banking, cash deposit and payment machines. It also provides Islamic banking services. With assets worth over RO 4.21 billion, Bank Dhofar is one of the fastest growing Banks in the Sultanate of Oman, with a strong presence in Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Treasury and Project Finance. The branch network has reached 71 with an extensive ATM network spanning the country.

The project was undertaken on behalf of Bank Dhofar, one of the most prominent investment management firms in Oman. The organization had initially implemented SharePoint default workflow for its high priority approvals that had to be performed instantaneously. However, this lead to several issues for the enterprise including; Process flows were getting slower resulting in high downtimes to approve these requests, delays in the completion of tasks due to slow down in workflows and they were reacting abnormally with some work not passing on to the next station. Moreover, they are also facing lack of tracking which prevent the IT personnel from identifying the causes for the breakdown in the completion of work flow processes. Employees at Bank Dhofar could not able approve requests through their emails unless they were connected to the organization’s network and no approval over the email was possible leading to increased lead times. Manual emails needed to written once a particular request was approved was also a reason which slowing down the process.

KalSoft proposed the implementation of Nintex to automate and address this problem. Successful implementation of Nintex technology significantly improved the overall workflow of the high priority approvals, simplifies workflows, reduced downtime, automate processes and decreased errors. By this solution, the following results were achieved:

  • Process flows were made smoother with data logging capabilities enabling IT personnel to store and analyze data
  • IT personnel were able to assess the point of the process that affected data flows and accordingly take appropriate measures to rectify issues
  • Lazy approvals made it possible for employees to approve or reject requests through emails by the click of a button
  • Drag and drop facility prevented developers from writing the entire process each time leading to higher efficiency on the development end
  • Automatic system generated email (External Vendor email) is produced once a particular request from the vendor is approved
  • System generated workflow reports and log history resulted in constant monitoring and improvements in the process
  • Usage of State Machine for approaching different stages based on the approval and criteria
  • Enabling Nintex live for generating documents by using custom template
  • Sending Documents as an attachment with digital signature
  • Filing the assessment by saving the form as a PDF for HR record
  • Assign flexi task option provides more options (e.g. request more information) instead of just the two options of accepting or rejecting the request offered by its predecessor; this lead to a reduction in errors
  • Real-time data resulted in quick identification of the errors and improved debugging technique

Successful implementation of Nintex technology significantly improved the overall workflow of the high priority approvals, reduced downtime and decreased errors. This lead to higher efficiency and increased customer satisfaction with high priority approvals made in a timely manner.

As of today, no problems in the process have been detected, with an overall smooth and error free workflow process implemented across the organization. Some of the other quantifiable benefits of improved work process to Bank Dhofar included:

  • Reducing of errors and re-work
  • Reducing of risk of incorrect approvals
  • Increase output and increase productivity
  • Track request status (completed, pending, or in-progress, etc.) in real time
  • Improved Transparency of existing requests
  • The solution helped client to get reports on time
  • Resolved the issue of manually calculating requisition amount at month end with reports
  • Invoicing for each vendor became easy, manageable, and error free
  • Minimized resource utilization with this automation
  • Provided them with surveys and user feedback which is helping them to improve the process with time

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