Bank Ahli
Client Name: Bank Ahli
Project: Prize Draw Management Solution – PDMS
Industry: Banking & Finance
Technology: Dot Net

Established in 1983, Ahli bank offers a full range of products and services covering; Corporate Banking, Retail & Private Banking, International Banking, Treasury & Investments and Brokerage Services. Ahli Bank is a joint stock company incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman and is engaged in the commercial banking activities through a network of twenty branches (thirteen conventional and seven Islamic branches).

  • How to reward & retain loyal banking customers?
  • How to promote a saving culture within the Sultanate of Oman?
  • How to find a solution that caters to both conventional and Islamic banking customers?
  • How to find a solution with ability to design parametrized eligibility and winning probability criteria?
  • How to find a solution with ease of configuration of daily or monthly based draws?
Ahli Bank were facing issues in overcoming these challenges and this is where KalSoft’s Prize Draw Management System comes in.

KalSoft’s Prize Draw Management Solution is based on Microsoft technology and provides users to create prize draw campaigns, create rules for picking eligible customers, load and extract data from different sources and execute draws based upon pre-configured conditions. PDMS also provides setup, administration and management modules and will run on industry standardized security.

Installation of KalSoft’s PDMS on Ahli Bank helped them to overcome their challenges regarding rewarding loyal banking customers. The benefits they received from KalSoft’s PDMS includes:

  • This system is capable of loading data from Ahli Bank’s Equation server for conventional banking customers.
  • This system is capable of loading data from Ahli Bank’s iMal Server for Islamic banking customers.
  • This system has an ability to design parametrized eligibility and winning probability criteria.
  • This system can configure execution for daily or monthly basis.
  • Communication such as email and SMS should be sent to winners and stakeholders based upon configurations.
  • This System can maintain all kind of audit logs for all events.
  • This system has ability to checksum for loaded files and inbound data and outbound data.
  • This system provides a wide monitory and management tool for business users, with other features, for example roles, rights, configurational management and governance module for security setups.

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