Case Studies
Ara Petroleum
Client Name: Ara Petroleum
Project: Integration with PetroJobs (Custom Application)
Industry: Oil & Gas
Technology: C# .Net, Sql Server, Azure Services
Ara Petroleum THE CUSTOMER

ARA Petroleum is a dynamic member of the E&P industry in Oman. The company seeks to explore, appraise and develop oil & gas resources in Oman and internationally. The company is managed by a globally experienced, professional and committed team with a track record earned over decades. ARA Petroleum utilizes the latest technologies to ensure the hydrocarbon assets are operated optimally and the recovery of oil & gas is maximized.

The client was looking to integrate with a centralized recruitment application that follows certain protocols to oversee all recruitments within Oman’s Oil & Gas sector. This application was served as Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted on a traditional on-premise data center.

The client was facing several challenges:
  • Prohibitive cost of hosting dedicated servers regardless of usage of the systems and resources
  • Time required to have application provision for each new instance for end user clients
  • Time and resources required to manage servers, back-up, and infrastructure
  • End user clients to store data in their own countries
  • Scalability of resources on the servers
  • Security and compliance as per the security policy
After careful evaluation for technical feasibility and commercial benefits, KalSoft proposed Microsoft Azure as the platform to host this platform
KalSoft solution included an in-depth analysis resulting in restructuring and rearchitecting of the application along with migration to Microsoft Azure. The application was built from scratch and required an interaction through API for seamless push and pull of candidate’s application.

Following key tasks were involved in this transformation:
  • A custom development was envisioned to provide an end-to-end business process of recruitment
  • An extended app was also developed that provided the ease for interaction between ARA Petroleum portal and external application
  • Infrastructure migration from on-premise to Azure cloud
  • Multi-layer application architecture with logical boundaries
  • Administrative interface to manage Azure storage
  • Azure migration scripts for seamless transition
  • Separate environments within Azure cloud for continuous development

  • Security standard were followed to ensure security of application, data and infrastructure
  • Tests were conducted using testing tools that includes Burp, NetSparker etc

  • KalSoft provided a solution that has multitenant architecture within a secure, scalable and manageable environment
  • It provided the structure that is easy to manage and can support future scalability
  • Support for versioning and control on releases
  • Compliant with security standards
  • Cost control by paying around the usage of resources on the Azure platform


KalSoft proposed a data warehousing technique to convert this data to aggregated information through cubes. Microsoft SSRS services were also used to transform the data within these cubes to valuable information that can be shared with business users to understand the behavior of user interaction. The dynamic data captured through the event absorber on the site can help visualize very old data, like 2 years, though Power Pivot. The dashboards were based on HOLAP technology using SSAS and having multi-dimensional cubes, that provided valuable insights within seconds. The immense flow of data that needs to be managed, integrated, cleaned and make it subject oriented was resolved through data warehouse. Through data warehouse the analytical data gets compiled using SSAS and the dashboard used to fetch data from the SSAS Analytical Cubes.

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