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World Memon Organization
Client Name: World Memon Organization
Project: Professional Networking Platform – Konnectrix
Industry: Community Services
Technology: For Web Application: .Net Core, React Js, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
For Mobile Application: React Native for Mobile Application
World Memon Organization THE CUSTOMER

The Memon community is one of the leading business groups around the world including Pakistan, India, and Africa. Memons have dominated some of the leading industries around the globe, with individuals from within the community occupying few of the most prominent position including those in Media, Politics and Finance among others.

World Memon Organization (WMO) is a leading Memon body that continuously strives to create synergies amongst Memons from across the world, with the objective of uplifting the Memon community financially, by introducing new projects and businesses. To fulfill its objectives, WMO wants to introduce a platform, which would facilitate communication and collaboration and enhance business practices with the community.

Social networks have become an extremely useful tool in today’s era, with several of them rising to fame in last decade or so. Users can join any of the several available and communicate, collaborate and even form useful contacts with like-minded individuals.

However, the problem arises when individuals can easily create random profiles, associate themselves with any institution or community in the world and even communicate within groups posing as someone else. In other words, none of these networks have a mechanism in place that actually verifies the identity and other information provided by its users. The matter of authenticity can get increasingly important in the case of WMO, which is looking towards enhancing collaboration amongst individuals within the community. For instance, any random individual can pose as being a member of the Memon community, join their page and benefit from discussions that are specifically meant for Memons. This is precisely what WMO aims to avoid in order for it to accomplish this task and limit discussions to Memons only.

It is because of this reason that restricted WMO to contacting its members through personal means such as email, which often leads to lack of two-way communications between all the stakeholders. Therefore, a better solution needed to be designed that would promote interactive discussions, enabling WMO to harness the potential of a community group.

Memon-Connect, an adaptation of the cloud based professional network Konnectrix, was specifically designed for this purpose. Memon-Connect is a platform built specifically for firms and individuals to collaborate on a secure portal without the risk of nonmembers joining in the discussion.

Some of the features of Memon-Connect include:

  • Employment and Business outsourcing tools that match suitable candidates with their dream jobs and small businesses with projects
  • Collaboration allows 2 or more members to connect for a specific cause or business objective
  • Groups and pages enable different wings and interest groups to exchange ideas and knowledge to carry out their tasks efficiently
  • Task tracking tools allow members to review their tasks and track their progress
  • Event segments allow organizers to bring together speakers, sponsors, attendees, and supporters in a single place to increase collaboration
  • Discounts will be offered and communicated through the portal


Konnectrix provides for different features for Memon-Connect. Product features provided to customers are customized according to the unique needs of the organization. WMO can benefit from a wide array of features available on Memon-Connect, including providing its members with a secure platform, gaining better insights about them and having a greater access to their target audience.

Some of the features include:

  • Sign-up process:
    The sign-up process was customized according to the requirements of Memon-Connect. Konnectrix offers a two-tier verification process that requires users to go through a specific process in order to become a member. In the case of Memon-Connect, users were asked to provide a membership ID
  • Analytics:
    Konnectrix allows organizations signed up on its platform to collect data in a timely manner in an updated/live format. Consumers make continuous updates to their profiles which are presented to organizations in the form of charts and graphs leading to better targeting. Basic and detailed listings such as the name of the user, email, phone no., demographics and interests will be provided to Memon-Connect, enabling it to better understand its user base
  • Announcements:
    Memon-Connect can make announcements through the platform that will be accessible to Memons around the worldwide
  • Organizational dashboard:
    The dashboard for Memon-Connect was designed in a way that allows access to multiple IDs and passwords, keeping into account that multiple people might require access to it. Memon-Connect will be able to access all data types including demographics, frequency and area of usage
  • Email targeting:
    Memon-Connect will be able to send out emails to selective users they wish to target. Shootout emails and messages will be targeted at certain audiences

    Memons around the world can benefit from a number of features provided by Memon-Connect. Some of these include:

  • Profile
    - Users can create a profile and post profile and cover pictures
    - Users can post their level of work experience, education, community work, interests etc
    - An option to upload a portfolio of their works
    - Pro bono points based on any voluntary work will be generated and users are rewarded for these activities
    - Recommended profiles will be shown to users or organizations for multiple purposes including job and project outsourcing

  • Setting-up Meetings
    - Users will be able to set meetings with existing contacts
    - Users can make new connections and schedule meetings with them
    - Users will be able to synchronize their calendars with Google calendar on their phones
    - Users will be able to open their calendars for booking an appointment

  • Creating Pages
    - Business listing pages will be developed that list the details of particular types of businesses
    - Users will be able to rate pages, edit their posts and post carousels
    - Job management tab will provide the flexibility to the Admin to manage job posts such as adding new jobs and closing filled positions
    - Users can set career interests to receive projects and jobs from other individuals and organizations

  • Collaborating with others
    - Users can have one-on-one or group conversations
    - Users can share pictures, videos and documents
    - Users will be able to reply to particular messages and tag others during group conversations

  • Organizing Events
    - Users can post particular events along with the sponsors, attendees and speakers
    - Users can view suggested events based on their common interests
    - Users can view the events their connections are interested in

  • Project Outsourcing
    - Users can post a project that they would like to outsource
    - Users can manage the projects that they have posted
    - Users will receive notifications of newly posted projects on their emails
    - External Access can be granted to other users that will allow them to pitch their projects

  • Recruitment drives
    - Users can post a job and manage the post (e.g. delete or edit a job post)
    - Jobs will be recommended according to the users’ skillset and the industry they have worked in
    - Users can set job alerts and receive emails when certain positions are available

  • Availing Discounts
    - Organizations and individuals can put forth discounts for their users through their pages

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