Client Name: Arabian Centers Company Limited
Project: SharePoint Online
Industry: Private – Real Estate, FMCG
Technology: Office 365 – SharePoint Online

Client Overview:

ACCL has provided customers with a complete range of high quality retail malls up to international standards for over a decade, located in the most attractive areas of the Kingdom to satisfy all shopping needs and market requirements. The 1st project Sahara plaza, opened in 2002, represents the starting point for all 19 malls to follow combining world-class shopping, dining and entertainment and a precursor to future multiple unit expansion over the next 2 years.

Problem Faced:

The customer has decided to implement Office 365. To empower Office 365 cloud services with more advanced technology, ACCL has decided to design and implement intranet portal. Following are the major phases of the overall implementation & rollout:

  • Assessment of current organizational structure.
  • Design the structure of the Intranet/ESS/Departments specific to the ACCL needs.
  • Intranet portal rollout in production environment.
  • Provide training, implementation and troubleshooting documentation.
  • Provide technical training to ACCL Team
Solution Being Implemented:

Below is the summary of our Implemented solution:

  1. Assessment, Envisioning, Planning & Design of the Intranet Portal
  2. Intranet Design, Portal Structure & Default Branding
  3. General Features enablement and configuration to boost overall productivity, user experience and transformation towards automation at the enterprise level.