Client Name: Bank Muscat
Project: Power BI Implementation
Industry: Banking & Finance
Technology: Microsoft SSRS, SQL Server and Power BI


Bank Muscat is the leading financial institution in Oman with a strong presence in corporate banking, personal banking, Investment banking, Islamic banking, treasury, private banking and asset management. the bank has the largest network of branches and electronic channels in Oman, as well as branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and representative offices in Dubai (UAE), Iran and Singapore. The bank also owns Muscat Capital LLC, a brokerage and investment banking entity operating in Saudi Arabia. The bank has been closely associated with the progressive march of the nation in all realms, participating in development projects and initiatives aiming at boosting the national economy. They continue to deliver on their commitment to the nation through strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability programs covering various segments.


Bank Muscat was facing major problem in reducing time to provide seamless integrated platform to share daily reports with business decision makers. Also, there was no platform defined that allows visualizations of this data to internal portals. They had to use a dedicated resource to pull data from multiple resources and compile an aggregated report which consumes hours to compile. Despite all the efforts, information provided was at a very high level and needed further elongated process by Business users to request for drill-down information. Moreover, information could not be shared at real-time due to this time-consuming effort to produce a complex report with millions of entries. To provide an innovative, personalized service, Bank Muscat needed to capture rich detail about its financials, to identifying peak times for transactions conducted via the bank’s mobile app. And those details need to be clear and easy to understand, and available to the right person at the right time.


KalSoft proposed Power BI as the way forward and worked closely with customer in a collaborative effort to provide planning, engagement management, and a predictable approach for setting up the customer on the Microsoft Power BI environment.

The objectives of this engagement between KalSoft and the Bank Muscat was to:

  • Analyse the business data and to integrate them with the Power BI
  • Create an environment that lets business user create and filter the BI reports
  • Provide an intuitive tool where user can customize the report visuals
  • End user clients to store data in their own countries
  • Let the user connect to any data source and generate the report/dashboard
  • Ensure the data security and user authentication
  • Configure and setup any BI supportive applications and systems
  • Transfer the knowledge and to provide appropriate training to use the developed report and create the ad hoc report at their own

It integrated seamlessly with other applications allowing them to interact with just a click of a button. It provided a unified user experience allowing them to drill down without waiting for further requests to technical team.

Power BI provided agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support. As it supports a powerful natural language interface, the use of intuitive graphical designer tools, helped Business users to build self-enabled dashboards for personalized reports.


"The integrated solution provided by KalSoft was helpful to visualise data easily." - Gautam Sood - Head Business Intelligence Unit & Strategic Initiative – Bank Muscat